Amdal In-Home Care is an in-home care agency located in Central Valley and Central Coast of California. We strive to foster maximum independence, while providing peace of mind that our clients are in good hands. Unlike facilities, our services provide care to your loved one in the comfort of their own home. 

Our Care Approach

Amdal In Home Care caregivers are trained to provide a wide array of care services, all of which are included in our basic care fees. Further, all quality and training oversight by the care management staff is included in your basic care rate.

There is no minimum number of shifts required. We can be "on-call" just for the times you need us, or set up on a regular schedule. Number of hours, shift start and end times, and duration of shifts are all based on the client’s request. We will help you figure out how much care is needed if you like. Often, people end up needing less care than they initially think, once a correct evaluation of needs is completed. We can provide split-shifts if needed – show up for a few hours in the morning and then again in the evening, if that best suits the situation.

The amount and type of care is best determined though an in-depth discussion with the family and the client. Here is a summary of the most common types shifts we offer:

  • Hourly Shifts: Most clients use us on an hourly basis. We can show up for as little as two hours, or as many hours as necessary. We can start these shifts at any time of day or night.
  • Overnight Shifts: We offer 12-hour overnight shifts if you need someone to be with your loved-one during the night.
  • 24 Hour Care: We offer 24-hour care, split into two 12hr shifts. This ensures each care attendant is available and alert during both daytime and evening hours. 

Care Coordinator and Management Services Including:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Detailed Plan of Care
  • Caregiver Matching and Screening Services
  • In-home Caregiver Introductions and Care Plan Reviews
  • Scheduling Services
  • Electronic Record-keeping
  • Caregiver Monitoring
  • Physician Communication
  • LTC and 3rd Party Billing Services, Obtaining LTC Authorization
  • 24/7 On-call Amdal In-Home Care Employee
  • Client Complaint Resolution
  • Client evaluations by Care Coordinator Every 30-60 Days
  • Care Plan Revisions Quarterly

Personal Care Attendant Services Including:

  • Ambulation/Mobility/Transfer Assistance
  • Oral Care
  • Meal Preparation for the Client
  • Grooming/Bathing Dressing
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medication Reminders
  • Companionship
  • Incontinence Care
  • Transportation
  • Many other client-specific services

Our Care Process

We devote a great deal of effort at the beginning of every client starting services to develop the best plan of care and finding the right caregivers. Once care starts, we have built-in feedback loops for monitoring quality and client interactions.


What's In a Plan of Care

  • Activities/Exercise - We develop a plan of physical and mental activities that are appropriate and enjoyable to the client.
  • Ambulation/Mobility or Transfers - Many of our clients have special needs related to their ability to safely transfer to and from seated positions. In addition, many use canes or walkers, or may simply need “stand-by” assistance as they ambulate.
  • Bathing/Dressing - Personal grooming and assistance with dressing are thoroughly addressed.
  • Durable Medical Equipment - We assess any special equipment that is in the home to ensure that our caregivers are properly trained to use it. This could include hospital beds, wheelchairs, transfer boards, and hoyer lifts. While this equipment is usually arranged for by the client’s medical provider, Amdal In-Home Care can also assist in obtaining equipment and devices that assist in client safety and allows for increased comfort.
  • Emergency and Medical Contacts - We identify all important contacts in the event of an emergency, as well as special instructions for handling emergency situations.
  • Evaluation Frequency - We will recommend how often a Care Coordinator should stop by to evaluate the client and observe their condition and changes in care needs.
  • Family Care - This is a general area that addresses many types of issues of family members, such as need for communication, special requirements for the safety and well-being of their loved-ones, and special instructions for care.
  • General Overview - All of our clients are evaluated by the Care Coordinator, and a general overview of the client, their living environment, needs, abilities, temperament, and much more are addressed.
  • Intro Location - When we introduce a caregiver into a home for the first time, our Care Coordinator will meet the care attendant in designated spot before they enter the home to begin the review of the care plan and the client’s special needs.
  • Light Housekeeping - We spell out the specific housekeeping duties to be performed on each shift. Our housekeeping duties are focused to the care need and main living areas of the client.
  • Bed-Bound Client Concerns - If a client is confined to a bed, a special protocol will be enacted (as directed by their medical professional) to reduce the risk of bed-sores and ensure proper hygiene and circulation.
  • Medical Conditions - While we are non-medical in our care focus, a general review is crucial to understanding the special care needs of each client. We will interface with client’s medical professionals and family to understand fully what assistance these conditions may necessitate, and to develop appropriate responses to changes in conditions or emergency situations.
  • Medications - Many of our clients request us to provide medication reminders, and to keep records of when a client takes their medication.
  • Pets - We need to know what pets are in the home and their temperaments as well. This helps us in selecting appropriate caregivers.
  • Psychosocial or Behavior - This area of the care plan addresses a wide range of issues that can affect a client. This could include Alzheimer’s/Dementia behaviors, general temperament, medication side-effects, etc. A plan for handling specific behaviors, as well as identifying caregivers skilled in handling special situations is addressed in this area.
  • Sleep Patterns – Establishing a baseline of "normal" helps our care staff understand when sleeping/drowsiness may indicate a change of condition that needs to be brought to the attention of the family.
  • Spouse or Significant Others - We identify who else is in the home, key family members, and individuals the family wants to have access.
  • Toileting or Incontinent Care - We want to ensure that this basic human need is adequately addressed. Seniors often need special assistance, and our caregivers are specially trained to provide whatever the senior may require.
  • Transportation or Errands - Often we are called upon to provide transportation to and from appointments, or to run errands for the senior. These are addressed so that we can provide a caregiver with appropriate transportation and insurance. If permitted by family, we can also drive the senior in his or her own vehicle, or arrange for special transportation.

Handling Family Concerns

An Amdal In-Home Care management employee is available to speak with family or caregivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Amdal In-Home Care documents all important interactions with clients, families and caregivers. Depending on the issue at hand, it will be assigned to the appropriate care-team member for follow-through. If a caregiver or a family expresses a complaint about care, or any other aspect of our operations, it is automatically routed to a senior manager who oversees the resolution.

Client complaints are given the highest priority and visibility in the organization. So are any situations where the best interests of our clients may be in question. As a senior care provider, Amdal In-Home Care is a mandated reporter to Adult Protective Services. If we become aware of any form of abuse or neglect of any senior citizen, we are required by law to report it. We take the interests of our clients seriously. 

From time-to-time, Amdal In-Home Care may initiate a client care conference attended by all Amdal In-Home Care team members as well as family members. These conferences can cover a wide range of issues, including care protocols, special family concerns, special caregiver training, and changes in client behavior or condition. These Care Conferences focus on addressing the needs of the client, problem solving and team-building.