Please note, some names have been changed or replaced with initials to protect our client's privacy. 

I want to express my deep appreciation to you and your organization for coming to my aide at this difficult and chaotic time. You were so willing, expedient, flexible, and appreciated. The young ladies are exceptional aides.
— Lea
Thank you for all the wonderful care you provided to my grandmother, and my parents during the last few months. It was a pleasure to get to know your staff. They were wonderful!
— Donette
K.K. and I greatly appreciate the service and professionalism from all of the Amdal care-providers. In particular, Patty was absolutely terrific, a great match for my mom, and great help (sometimes our times overlapped at the house), and LaToya was absolutely terrific too. I did not get a chance to meet the others, but know they were there in the best interest of my mom.

Prior to Sandy (Care Coordinator), we had interviewed other in-home care provider companies, but Sandy (Care Coordinator) stood out in providing a convincing pitch for Amdal, mainly how we could see comments and updates from Amdal care providers over the internet.

I will recommend Amdal to anybody inquiring about in-home care. Again, thank you and sincerely,
— February 6, 2017
The family wants to thank you for your wonderful attention to keeping the 24 hour care going for (our parents.) I cannot imagine what it takes to keep those kinds of shifts going – and you both were so professional and never fazed by the changes we had to make. The girls may have done the care but (you girls in the office) were behind the scenes making it happen. You were tuned into (our parents’) personalities and kind of caregivers that would be best for them. That was such an important part of their care. We can’t thank you enough for that loving kindness. Thank you so very much,
— The Smiths
I wanted to thank you and your staff for the amazing service you provided for my dad. All of the (caregivers) were lovely. My dad appreciated so much the wonderful care he received. Thanks so much to you!
— Jacki