Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services

Amdal In-Home Care is now offering  Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services. Our Transport Services are based at the Central Coast of California, and are available statewide. The Amdal Transport Vans are able to provide a safe and secure transport for individuals with various mobility needs. Whether using a power wheelchair or mobility scooter, our universal transport system allows us to provide care for most mobility devices. From medical appointments to Stanford, or to family reunions in Santa Barbara, Amdal Transport Services is able to pick you up at the comfort of your own home and transport you to the location of your choice. From one way transport to round trip destinations, Amdal Transport Services is here to help you.

We specialize in safe and reliable transportation with staff qualified to assist you or your loved one. Our staff are trained to ensure valuable assistance is provided with ambulation, mobility, and transfer assistance. Our vehicles are also equipped for wheelchair  or gurney bound passengers. The Amdal Transport Vans are thoroughly inspected to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety measures.

We also offer monthly payment options for ongoing requests. This plan is ideal for passengers needing regular transport to/from dialysis treatment, chemotherapy, or other ongoing appointments, etc. Please contact us for further details: 844-464-7250. 

Wheelchair Accessible 

Services Include:


  • Wheelchair Transport
  • Gurney Transport
  • Medical Discharge
  • Medical Appointments
  • Personal Transport Needs
  • Long Distance Travel

 AMDAL TRANSPORT SERVICES are offered throughout the state of california.

 FOR more information call: